Experience the Difference with Platinum Enterprise by Consolidating to a Single Supplier

We consult with you to revealcost-saving solutions for every unit of your company, from customized IT integration, product rebates and centralizing ordering processes. Aligned for success, Office Solutions serves as a trusted business advisor to provide you with the focus you need to achieve your business goals. Our industry expertise, purchasing leverage and time-tested methodologies produce efficient, lean cost structures for your organization that remain sustainable in today’s competitive landscape.

Our seasoned Enterprise team employs custom service offerings that streamline your procurement process,
resulting in optimizing operations, lowering costs and driving bottom line results. We help you design controls and automated systems that will regulate departmental costs and lower the per capita spend as measured against similar industries. By consolidating your vendor purchases and automating your current receiving processes,Office Solutions can reduce your purchase order costs by a minimum of 10%.

Why Use a Single-Source Supplier?


By consolidating your vendor purchases and automating your current receiving processes, Office Solutions can reduce your purchase order costs by a minimum of 10%.

With rapid response times from our customer service team, you can reduce operational costs by having your questions answered immediately.

Our customized IT solutions can integrate with your existing procurement and accounts payable systems, eliminating the manual processing of check disbursements, receiving and purchasing documents.

By implementing auto-replenishment programs, your company can work smarter and more efficiently with supplies readily available, giving your purchasing team peace of mind to focus on more important tasks. Overstocking fees are also avoided, providing additional cost savings for your business




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Find breakroom supplies with Office Solutions.

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Personalized Customer Care

  • 你的客户经理是你local partner, focused on reducing your overall spend, and offering one-on-one service that supports your business goals
  • A local customer service representative, teamed with your account manager, knows your purchase needs, so your calls are simple, quick and hassle-free
  • 通过我们先进的电子商务系统,我们可以根据您的公司目标和内部要求创建个性化程序,包括频繁订购的产品和自定义公司目录列表,以帮助推动成本遏制和实际价值
  • Dependable, local delivery professionals know where to place product in your office. Office furniture is assembled and ready to use on arrival
  • We accept orders online, by email, fax or by phone, whatever works best for you

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